We’re coming down to the wire–2 days–on the Watershed Brick-by-Brick campaign. If you were considering participating, now is the time, it’s almost over! This is an all or nothing style campaign so we really need your help. Donations are perfect, if that is your plan, but please also consider sharing the link below on facebook, twitter, linkedin, email or anywhere else you have a network of people who appreciate the quality of our area’s water supply. If you share with 100 people and each of them share, that is the true power of a project like this is unleashed. Don’t forget to mention to your friends who have local business that their logo can live on, etched in the paving stones. 





If you have already given, please consider this: If we do not reach our goal, your pledge may be credited back to you in your Cause Momentum account and you will have a balance in your account. You can still make your committed pledge and receive your bricks!!


You can pledge directly to the Watershed Committee on our agency profile page. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.


Remember, a “share” is as good as a gift! Thank you for your support. 


Mike Kromrey
Executive Director

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