Dear Friends,

Watershed work, like a river, is a continuum.  New challenges and concepts continue to come from upstream, and we anticipate and adapt to the currents.  From time to time, it’s important to test the waters—take samples—to monitor quality and assess long-term trends.  This annual report serves that purpose for our organization. 

As you will see in the attached report, 2013 was a year of impactful, mission-related work.  This “snapshot sample” shows we reached more citizens than we ever have, we worked on many projects to improve our water supply, and began initiatives to make our organization more sustainable.  This progress is possible because of our small, diverse, dedicated board and staff, and our sponsors, partners, and community members that work together with a shared vision.

We can put 2013’s  work in context by looking at trends over time—like an aquatic life assessment on a stream.  Now into 2014, we are celebrating our 30th year, and our waters, in many cases, are getting cleaner.  Wilson’s Creek isn’t black and stinky.  Table Rock is getting clearer.  Fellows Lake is not currently in jeopardy, and green infrastructure and low-impact development are now on the radar of local engineers, architects, and developers.  Equally importantly, there is a growing community of citizens who understand the value of our waterways, and understand the things we need do to keep them clean.  The Watershed Committee has been at the heart of this community for 30 years, and plan to be for 30 more.  I’m excited about what we can accomplish: Clean Water…For Life!

WCO 2013 Annual Report

Mike Kromrey
Executive Director


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