Last week the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks hosted our “Watershed Event” at the Watershed Center.  The line-up of speakers was inspiring, insightful, and entertaining.  Colorado State Center for the New Energy Economy director Bill Ritter delivered a keynote address speaking about the water, energy, and food/agriculture nexus occurring in the U.S. right now.  Jon Jones and Alan Brandes showed case study after case study in which restoring urban waterways led to environmental improvement and economic revitalization in downtown areas, bringing to mind the potential of our own Jordan Creek.  Eric Dove and Erin Kemper shed light on new water quality regulatory requirements, the costs (which can be astronomical), and the potential for collaborative, innovative solutions for clean water.

Beyond the excellent speakers and content, there was a tremendous synergy among the people in the room.  It was an event for enjoying each others company, on a stellar fall day at the Watershed Center, with the added excitement of new ideas and a room full of people all dedicated to water resources.  I personally enjoyed the whole WCO staff and Volunteer Nicole were able to work together on a project—often we find ourselves divided to conquer the tasks at hand.  Thank you WCO staff for a flawless event, and to our sponsors, speakers, and attendees for coming!

Mike Kromrey
Executive Director


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