About 130 people watched as the ribbon was cut last Friday on the new C.W Titus Education Facility. It was truly a milestone–and a long time in the making. Plans for this LEED-Gold, water and energy efficient building were first laid in about 2004. Most of 2006 through 2010 was spent in raising funds to bring the vision to reality. Construction began a year ago, in June 2010, and the handsome, environmentally responsible structure was completed just a month ago. Some site work remains, including the completion of trails and special runoff features for the “demonstration” parking lot and entrance rain garden.

To all of you who have helped in reaching this milestone–thank you. You realize the importance of clean water to our lives–and our way of life. We hope that you will use the Watershed Center to its fullest potential. That is its purpose, after all–to be used to teach our kids about water and the natural world–to help professionals find new and better ways to protect water quality–to be a gathering place for people who care about water–and ultimately, to leave clean, abundant water for future generations, making their lives that much richer. Thank you for embracing this vision.

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