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Missouri: The “Spring State”

By: Loring Bullard With over 5,000 named caves, Missouri has been nicknamed “The Cave State.” However, it could just as appropriately be called “The Spring State.” For where there are caves, there are, or at least once were, springs. Springs, in fact, give rise to caves. Both are features of karst terrain, a porous landscape […]

A Historied Creek

By: Loring Bullard Jordan Creek, Springfield’s founding waters, flows through the heart of the city. John Polk Campbell moved his family to its banks in 1830, raising corn where the Springfield Square is today. Other settlers, mostly from Tennessee at first, soon followed, referring to the little stream as “Campbell’s Creek.” At about the time […]

Water Quality Resource Bags

Also in cooperation with the Springfield/Greene County Library District, the Watershed Center (Watershed Committee) and its educational partners developed these brightly colored “Water Quality for Life” book bags. In these bags, library users will find various assortments of materials (books, videos, etc.) focused on a particular area, such as caves and karst or water quality. […]

Water Quality Kiosk

The Watershed Center (Watershed Committee), in cooperation with the Springfield/Greene County Library District, produced this “Water Quality for Life” educational kiosk, which has been placed at the Library Center in south Springfield. The kiosk, shaped like a giant water drop falling on a karst landscape, presents visitors with four areas to explore: 1) an interactive […]


Adopt-A-Spring Program

As a volunteer in the Adopt-A-Spring Program you will be trained by a member of our professional staff to collect and analyze spring water from various springs located in the greater Springfield area. The Watershed Committee provides all of the supplies and equipment needed for testing. For more information, please contact Mike Kromrey (417)866-1127

Missouri Stream Team

Missouri has 110,000 miles of streams that provide recreation, water and serenity for ourselves and our children, but they need your help. Missouri Stream Team is a working partnership of citizens who are concerned about Missouri streams. Become a Missouri Stream Team volunteer and help improve Missouri’s streams. Click here for more information

Show-Me Yards & Neighborhoods

Show-Me Yards & Neighborhoods is an educational program designed to raise awareness about the role urban storm water runoff plays in the water quality of nearby streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes. Click here for more information

Adopt-A-Stream Program

The Adopt-A-Stream program creates opportunities for volunteer groups to help keep waterways in Springfield clean. Adopt-A-Stream is a program of the City of Springfield. Click here for more information.