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Water Wednesday ‘Wetland Song’

  On a lunch time run today, I got to listen to the call of the american toad as the rain began to fall softly on the wetlands at the Watershed Center. Simply put, I was entranced and spent a while sitting on the boardwalk and just listening. It is really amazing to see the world […]

Every Job

This month so far we have had volunteers building trails, pruning bushes, working at engineer fairs, attending meetings, taking photos, editing video, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors, and answering visitor questions. If you haven’t noticed, there are tons of volunteer opportunities at the Watershed Center. Please get in touch with us and see how you can […]

Stream Team!

Tomorrow is a COMPLETELY FULL Stream Team Introduction Workshop (Read: do not try to walk in and take the class). We are so happy that we get to work with Stream Team and the Missouri Stream Team and Watershed Coalition on workshops like this! It is just about the best way our site can be […]

Spring Field Trip Time!

It’s that time again! Time for Spring Field Trips at the Watershed Center! If you want to visit us on a field trip day and see how we work, please come on out! It takes a lot of people to make the Watershed center what it is, and many of you don’t even get to […]

Water Wednesday ‘Stormwater Basics’

I worked with a group from Marshfield yesterday who came down for a Jordan Creek tour. While it was too rainy to risk a trip through the culvert, we walked along the surface and visited several projects completed through the Big Urbie grant over the past couple of years. As I explained the ideas behind […]

Field Trip Friday

We are still a little snowed-in out here, but field trips are right around the corner with our first group coming out in just two weeks! Yesterday, you got to see the wetland boardwalks in progress, so today I wanted to show them to you in use! We are excited for sunny days, warm weather, […]

Water Wednesday ‘Cover-Up’

They chatter at night and I am positive that I can hear one scratching his ear as clear as day. These squirrels have been living above my kitchen for the past few months. Not just living…living and loving, fighting and cursing at one another, scratching ears and doing jumping jacks. I rent the house, so […]

Water Wednesday ‘How We Do It’

      Last week, Water Wob (Rob Hunt) blogged about why we work so hard to protect our water(s).  I would like to speak to the “how”, of these efforts.  As a teaser for our annual report, here is a photo essay on How.  If you have questions about the pictures, let’s get the […]

Water Wednesday ‘Why We Do It’

Day to day activities, meetings, tasks, and achievements can sometimes leave us feeling lost in the doldrums. To be perfectly honest, I don’t spend every single day making significant advancements in the protection of our water. I don’t plant a tree every day, I don’t pick up tons of tires from the river every day, […]