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Water Wednesday ‘Health’

As I browsed the paper this morning, a common theme quickly rose up; health. The front page showed kids eating salad, solar panels being installed, and college students completing walkability assessments. All of these stories focused on the people in our area, right in our own neighborhood, getting healthy and living in a city that […]

Water Wednesday ‘Backyard Wilds’

Just a couple of months ago I attended a conference in Baraboo, Wisconsin. To prepare, we were sent readings that we had to complete before the start of the workshop. One of these readings was a short piece called “Backyard Wilds” by David Gessner, which I encourage you to read if you have the chance. […]

Water Wednesday ‘Fresh Water’

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to tour Squid Foo gallery and workspace. Among the many interesting, weird, and exciting projects, I felt a measure of creativity seeping its way into my brain; just what the doctor ordered. Down in the basement we came across another great project. Eric and Jessi Honeycutt, founders of Sustainable Happyness, […]

Water Wednesday ‘Day of Caring’

Last Thursday, 40 volunteers took the Watershed Center by storm. Representing Greene County, FedEx, and some friends of the Watershed Committee, these folks completed a tremendous amount of work on critical and labor intensive projects. Our rain garden got a total make-over which resulted in a dozen bags of pulled weeds and nearly a dump-truck […]