Big Greek Jordan Creek Cleanup

Saturday, October 13th, the downtown area between Main and Fort was busy with activity in the morning hours. Treated as a dumping ground, storm sewer, and hidden urban gem, Springfield’s downtown stream, Jordan Creek, received a couple hours of much needed TLC from a flock of caring volunteers. More than one-hundred and thirty students from Missouri State University joined a handful of dedicated water warriors to pull out tires, Styrofoam, shopping carts, broken PVC, and litter from the waters and banks of Jordan Creek. We gathered around 50 big trash bags of waste from the stream and left the place in considerably better shape than we found it. We owe a big thanks to The City of Springfield for arranging trucks to haul the garbage away, James River Basin Partnership for their help in the organization and execution of the cleanup, and most importantly the Fraternities and Sororities of Missouri State University for showing up in much larger numbers than we could have hoped for and working hard throughout the morning to show their love for our little local stream.
Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator

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