This is an article that takes a close look at the removal of bacteria in stormwater by summarizing and analyzing the data available in the International Stormwater BMP (Best Management Practice) database.  BMP’s can be helpful for cites trying to meet TMDL standards for specific pollutants.  Since removing concentrations of bacteria from stormwater is not a simple task, data analysis of the performance of BMP’s is important.  Stormwater professionals including local experts have been researching certain BMP’s that have success in removing different pollutants.  Some remove nutrients and metals successfully while others have higher results in the removal of bacteria.  It is a good idea to research BMP’s prior to implementation and always keep in mind the pollutants that need to be targeted to find the BMP’s that will be most beneficial.  So to answer the question, can Best Management Practices’s (BMP’S) remove bacteria?  The answer is some BMP’s can. 


The results of this study revealed that retention ponds and media filters have the potential to effectively remove bacteria from stormwater effluent, to find out more, read the entire article at