The Springfield region of Missouri has seen high growth rates in the last decade. Much of this growth has occured south of the city, and in unincorporated areas. Many of these areas rely on well water, and on-site septic systems to service business and houshold needs. The area known as the “Springfield Plateau” has a unique suite of soils, topography and hydrology. These features present a distinctive potential for groundwater contamination. Stormwater issues, often overlooked in the past, are being reexamined during the “phase II” stormwater permitting. A demonstration site for new and innovative stormwater controls that can be compared to more traditional designs would benefit builders as well as city permitters and planners. Educational features that can incorporate watershed and groundwater protection would naturally tie the importance of septic and stormwater in preventing nonpoint source pollution.

Project Description: The WCO will work with their partners to establish a training facility at the Parks Eqestrian Site. This facility will showcase several alternative onsite septic systems, as well as innovative stormwater techniques. An education site will provide the community with a hands-on demonstration of karst features, wells and aquifers. Community outreach projects will include workshops, onsite rehabilitation and on-site coupons that will cost-share for maintenance. Incentives will be usesd to increase stormwater best management practices. Project Completed August 2008 

1. To provide a training facility in the Springfield area that will accomodate at least 200 installer/inspectors in a 3-year period; develop a demonstration site; provide enhanced curriculum with CE credits; and encourage correct installation, maintenance and inspeciton of on-site septic systems.
2. To prevent potential NPS pollutants from entering groundwater by educating residents about failing and un-maintained septic systems, the rehabilitation of at least one failing stystem; field days, press coverage, and mainenance cost-share for 100 local on-site systems.
3. To increase the use of stormwater management techniques in the Springfield area by creating a stormwater demonstration area; monitoring the cost and effectiveness of three alternative systems; providing training to contractors, developers and engineers; and providing cost-share or incentives to encourage participation.
4. To protect groundwater from NPS pollution in the Springfield plateau through the developemnt of a groundwater demonstration area, and groundwater workshops targeting well-drillers, homeowners, and students.

Project Sponsor–Watershed Committee of the Ozarks Cooperating Agencies–City of Springfield, Greene County, County Health and City Utilities
Contact: Mike Kromrey, Education Outreach Coordinator 417-866-1127