DNR Section 319 (Big Urbie) Grant Update

The Big Urbie grant has exciting LID (low impact development) projects being developed and designed. Springfield Public Schools is partnering with us to implement stormwater improvements at Boyd and Robberson Elementary and the detention basin on the southwest corner of Grand and National is being redesigned with LID components to help improve water quality and promote infiltration.

Automatic Samplers on MSU Campus to monitor water quality and flow entering & leaving the detention basin

Water quality monitoring is underway at Missouri State University and Drury University campuses. The Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute (OEWRI) is conducting pre-monitoring of campus detention basins. The data collected will help measure water quality improvements before and after project installations and provide the community a better understanding of the effectiveness of LID practices. To learn more visit the Big Urbie website.

Stacey Armstrong, Projects Manager

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