Do your part to reduce your "water footprint".  Celebrate Drinking Water Week with the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks. Look for our daily water conservation tip below!

May 5 Daily Tip: Help preserve the quality of the available water by not overusing pesticides and fertilizers,  avoid flushing medications down the toilet or sink, and dispose of hazardous materials properly. For a free soil test and comprehensive fertilizing plan for your yard,  visit For information on recycling, please visit


May 6 Daily Tip:  Use a rain barrel-Collecting and using water with rain barrels helps reduce the demand on public and private water supplies, and reduces pollution, flooding and erosion in local waterways by reducing runoff.  Rain barrels are easy to install and can be found at  Springfield area Meeks.


May 7 Daily Tip: Install a low flow shower head! Installing a low flow shower head is inexpensive, easy and will save water and money.

May 8 Daily Tip: Run washing machine with cold water and full loads, hang dry clothing to save energy. Use environmentally friendly laundry and dish detergent and bath soaps. Small changes make a big impact.