Onsite Wastewater Training Center

The Onsite Wastewater Training Center was established with grant funding awarded to the Watershed Committee from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

The Springfield region of Missouri has seen high growth rates in the last decade. Much of this growth has occurred south of the city, and in unincorporated areas. Many of these areas rely on well water and on-site septic systems to service business and household needs. The area known as the “Springfield Plateau” has a unique suite of soils, topography and hydrology. These features present a distinctive potential for groundwater contamination.

The Onsite Wastewater Training Center is a demonstration site for new and innovative stormwater controls that can be compared to more traditional designs would benefit builders as well as city permitters and planners. Educational features that can incorporate watershed and groundwater protection would naturally tie the importance of septic and stormwater in preventing nonpoint source pollution.

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Onsite Training Center

4007 FR 171
Springfield, MO