The Greene County Watershed Festival was held at the Watershed Center this week, and marked the first event of our 25th anniversary celebration series.  About a hundred 5th grade students came out to learn about water resources.  Volunteers ran four demonstrations: a macroinvertebrate exploration, a groundwater flow model, the “enviroscape” model, and a walking tour of the watershed and green building features at the Watershed Center.  After lunch, the students took a test over what they learned.  Then the test was gone over out loud to reinforce the lessons learned that day.  Before they left, they were invited to take water resources into their own hands, by learning and discussing ways to “save” or conserve water.

Watershed Festivals are a good tool to reach a lot of students at one time, BUT, it takes careful planning and preparation to pull these things off.  The Watershed Committee, James River Basin Partnership, Project WET, and the Community Foundation of the Ozarks collaborated to make this event a success.  We intend to hold another series this fall so more area schools can participate.