Indoor Water Use in the United States

So, how much water do we use and where do we use it? In the average American home, we can turn on the tap and an abundant amount of clean drinking water flows from our faucet. American’s use, on average, around 400 gallons a day and 70% is used indoors.

So what is the number one use of indoor water? Water, I might add, that has been treated to drinking water standards. The answer is…………drum roll………..please………..we use it to FLUSH OUR TOILETS!

According to the American Water Works research foundation, 26.7% of indoor water is used for flushing toilets. Another startling fact is 13.7% of indoor water escapes in leaks. Toilet leaks can often be difficult to detect. 

If you want to find out if your toilet has a leak, stop by the WCO office for a free leak detecting tablet!

Also, if you are a City Utilities of Springfield water customer, you may qualify for a rebate if you install a high efficiency toilet. To find out more about CU’s rebate program or to calculate water savings of a high efficiency toilet, visit the links below:

CU Toilet Rebate Program:

Saving water saves energy and money! Calculate Your Water Savings:

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