On July 22, 10 A.M. we’ll cut the ribbon on the new C.W. Titus Education Facility at the Watershed Center (Valley Water Mill Park in north Springfield, Missouri)–a momentous occasion, without doubt, marking the end of a long journey to find an appropriate site and then plan, work, plan, work, plan and work some more and finally, secure funding to construct a water education facility unique to the Midwest.

Now the LEED-Gold, water and energy smart building complimenting the surrounding trails and natural features on the 100-acre site (with wetlands, caves, springs, lake and streams) is nearly completed. It’s an impressive ending, but more importantly, a hopeful beginning–we’ve come full circle. Now the real but intensely interesting and fun work begins–helping people understand the importance of natural assets like clean water, and how these precious gifts can and must be protected. That is the long road upon which we’re about to take a first but important mighty step.

Map to Valley Water Mill Park

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