KSPR 33 interviewed Projects Manager, Stacey Armstrong, regarding the Watershed Committee’s summer water sampling program. She has given a summary of the program below and the KSPR 33 news report can be viewed HERE 

Summer Stream Testing Summary:

During the summer, WCO assists the Springfield-Greene County Health Department with collecting their weekly bacteria samples in streams that are public swimming locations. After the samples are analyzed the E.Coli and Total Coliform results are posted on the health department’s webpage the following day for the public to access. In years past, the Watershed Committee collects samples bi-weekly.  This year the WCO was able to assist the health department by handling all the field sample collections.

This water testing is not regulatory, it is voluntary and a courtesy to the people of Greene County. To find weekly sample data visit, Springfield-Greene County Health Department website, http://health.springfieldmo.gov/index.aspx?nid=218


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