In order to stay up-to-date on current fish management issues, the Missouri Department of Conservation held a Small Impoundment Management Training at the Watershed Center. Touring Fellows, McDaniel, and Valley Water Mill Lake, agency employees investigated issues that affect successful fish management. From water chemistry and watershed protection, to facility maintenance and public satisfaction, the cooperation between Fisheries Biologists and their partners can be very complicated, but often highly rewarding.

Our own Valley Water Mill Lake served as a perfect illustration of complex partnerships that have been successful through effective communication. They even stopped to have a look at the floating wetland, where our I discussed the application and purpose behind these interesting structures. As the MDC staff wrapped up their two-day workshop on Wednesday afternoon, it was clear that we have much to be grateful for at the Watershed Center. It is only through the cooperation and support of our sponsors and partners that we are able to spread the word of water conservation to professionals and the general public.

Rob Hunt

Watershed Center Coordinator