December 1, 2009, Miller High School Visits the Watershed Center.


It was another beautiful day at the Watershed Center…in December no less.  None of us could believe the pleasant weather we were experiencing, and I found it ironic that I have had better luck with field trip weather in October, November, and now December, than traditional “good weather” months.


Erica Cox, the State Coordinator for Project WET, scheduled the event with an energetic and well informed group under the direction of Mrs. Teresa Johnson.  The students stopped at the Watershed Center as part of a dynamic field trip—they were on their way from Fulbright Springs, and would visit the Southwest Treatment Plant afterwards.  At the Watershed Center the students learned about types and sources of pollution in the Watershed, and did Water Chemistry testing at the Streamside Learning Station.  Hopefully, after such a complete day of water education, the students picked up lasting lessons in water quality.  Some of the students may get to brandish their new knowledge when they compete in the Envirothon competition, of which they had earned the privilege to compete at the State level.