The Ogeechee River

I have been very fortunate this year to receive a scholarship from The Missouri Stream Team and Watershed Coalition to travel to Georgia and spend 7 days and 95 miles on the Ogeechee River. As I go along, I will be sure to update as often as possible and take a lot of pictures. We (MSTWC Executive Director Holly Neil and I) embark tomorrow and come back on June 27th. I want to give special thanks to the Katy Land Trust, Magnificent Missouri, Missouri Stream Team and Watershed Coalition for sponsoring the scholarship. And, thanks all of you who have made this possible and to the volunteers who will be running the Watershed Center and to my supportive co-workers who let me take crazy trips like this. Check out the related newsletter article and the trip itinerary for the week! See you in July!


Trip Itinerary 

-Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator

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