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WATER: A Finite Resource in a Growing Region

Working to Ensure Adequate,
Quality Water Supplies

A Regional Planning Conference – SAVE THE DATE!

November 18–19, 2010
Doubletree Hotel
2431 N. Glenstone Avenue
Springfield, Missouri

This two-day conference will address pressing water issues, including current and possible future water supply, water demand, and efficient use of water in southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, northeast Oklahoma, and northwest Arkansas.

This event is open to participants from all areas concerned with water issues, including public, private, nonprofit and government representatives. Elected officials are invited to attend as our guests.

Our agenda starts by offering an overview of the global, national, state and regional state of water supply. Through additional panels and presentations we will consider regulatory issues, water use/cost/waste profiles of regional communities, financing of public water projects, quality issues regarding surface and ground water and how quality and supply intersect, efficiency initiatives, economic drivers, and end with a discussion about the competing uses of water.

Speakers will not only address water issues but also recommend action steps for the future. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share ideas.

By engaging in a regional discussion, sharing information, and planning together, we hope to further our common goal of ensuring adequate, quality water supplies for generations to come in our growing communities.

Conference Fees

$95 per person (2-days)
$65 per person per day

Elected Officials attend free of charge.
(Fee includes lunch)

CEUs will be available.