Water is on the front page these days–or more accurately, the lack of water.  Deep thinker and editor of “Water Efficiency Magazine” posted a thought provoking article titled “Modern Dust Bowl.”  Below is an excerpt from her article, and the link to the full article.

“The Weather Channel reports that our current drought conditions rival the 1930s Dust Bowl, in terms of both peak percentage of areas in drought severity and duration. Pointing to a June report released by the National Climatic Data Center titled State of the Climate, The Weather Channel concludes, “In short, the overall 2012 drought now covers more territory than any drought since the 1950s.”

So what do you think? As I scanned article after article online in preparation for today’s blog, I noticed that while there was plenty of talk about climate change, weather models, and government aid aimed at helping farmers and ranchers survive, there was almost no discussion of the role water efficiency must play in order for us to adequately weather this current drought crisis. Does this seem like a severe lapse in judgment, or an indication of the continued polarization of water resource management? Does it make sense to keep agriculture—and agricultural irrigation—in one silo and the commercial, industrial, and residential water use sequestered in a separate bubble? And how can we endeavor to harmonize our water resource management efforts so that they more adequately reflect the true nature of the water cycle?”

http://www.waterefficiency.net/WE/blogs/A_Modern_Dust_Bowl_1414.aspx (full article)

Mike Kromrey

Executive Director

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