Kiosk_WS.jpgThe Watershed Center (Watershed Committee), in cooperation with the Springfield/Greene County Library District, produced this “Water Quality for Life” educational kiosk, which has been placed at the Library Center in south Springfield. The kiosk, shaped like a giant water drop falling on a karst landscape, presents visitors with four areas to explore: 1) an interactive watershed map focusing on the major watersheds of the Springfield urban area. The map contains clickable icons linking to images and facts about water quality, best management practices, locally unique animals and plants, and water and wastewater treatment. 2) information about the “watershed collection,” a large group of water-related books, videos and DVDs that the Library now has available for check-out. 3) a cave exploration game, where players earn cave exploration tools (helmet, light, etc.) by correctly answering questions about water quality and karst. As a reward for earning these “tools,” the user gets to explore a cave and its strange life and beautiful formations. 4) a list of the project partners. The kiosk also contains a self-assessment tool that allows sponsors to download use information.