45th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Action Network reminds us this is a very important day: “ Today marks the 45th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act. On October 18, 1972 an overwhelming bi-partisan majority in the House of Representatives voted to override President Nixon’s veto of the Act and it became law (the Senate voted the a day prior). The United States has made huge strides in the 45 years since ? iconic waters like the Great Lakes were brought back to life, vital watersheds like the Chesapeake are healing, and rivers no longer catch fire.”

They also warn: “Today Our water hasn’t been this at risk in decades – the repeal of the Clean Water Rule and the Stream Protection Rule put drinking water at risk across the nation.”

We have come a long way, but we still have a lot of work to do, but the reward is great.  Clean water is good for everything from economies to earthworms.

Mike Kromrey, Executive Director