A New Year

Over the past year, the Watershed Center has been open to more visitors and more students than in years past. Children and adults have been able to learn about the sources of drinking water. They’ve investigated stream health by catching critters and conducting tests. They have reflected on our local and global water issues while seated on a bluff overlooking the lake. With the support of our sponsors (City Utilities of Springfield, City of Springfield and Greene County), we have been able to reach thousands of local students and professionals and teach them the value of clean water.

Looking forward to a new year, I love imagining what we can do next. We live in a place with many forward thinkers, supporters, and water-lovers. I am confident that in the year to come, we will have more students learning how our water can be protected, more visitors asking good questions, and more kids catching crayfish in the creek. Thanks for taking care of our water resources, and be sure to pass the idea along.

C.W. Titus Education Facility at the Watershed Center

Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator

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