Since 1988 the WCO has acquired almost 8 million dollars in grant funding. That is a lot of on the ground projects and education and outreach in and around our community.  One of the biggest and most ambitious projects being the Watershed Center at Valley Water Mill Park.  The Watershed Center was created with over 1.5M in grant funding and our successful capital campaign helped build the CW Titus Educational Facility.  The learning stations were designed for outdoor field trips for students from kindergarten to college ages.

These field trips are free and WCO has been providing them since 2006, even before all the learning stations and trails were complete, giving us a glimpse of the need and desire for a dedicated outdoor field trip destination. Last year over 2,500 area students experienced outdoor hands-on learning in a unique setting built just for them.  Rob Hunt, our Watershed Center Coordinator does an amazing job of organizing these field trips and the demand is continuing to go up.

The Watershed Center is such an integral part of our community and since we built it-we also have to keep it up and repair it when necessary.  Consider making a donation to the WCO on May 5th – Give Ozarks Day.  It is an online all day giving blitz (click the Give Ozarks Day link and look for WCO).  We sure would appreciate any amount. We’ve made a video to show the repairs needed to the fishing piers and boardwalk.

Also, please get out and enjoy the Watershed Center at Valley Water Mill Park – it is a special place created to help connect people with nature and water, to create future stewards of our natural places and our natural resources.



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