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If you listened to KSMU today, you may have heard a story about a giving platform known as Cause Momentum. The story was great and does a thorough job of explaining the origin and purpose of Cause Momentum, so I will post it below.

The story got me thinking about our community’s recent local focus. You can find a million blogs about buying, eating, shopping, and spending locally. A movement in local diet has spawned a new lifestyle for those who call themselves “locavores”. We even had a speaker at our last Monthly Meeting that talked about our “foodshed”. Just like a watershed, the foodshed is the area from which your food is produced. The smaller your foodshed, the lighter your impact on the environment.

We see time and again in economic writings that supporting local business enriches a community. Spending your money at a local business will usually double or triple your investment in the local economy. Successful local store owners are likely to spend their money at other local businesses and so on. Shopping locally is clearly advantageous, but what about giving?

There are many wonderful international charities, and I certainly don’t want to take away from what they do. There are some charitable activities that simply cannot take place within the city limits of Springfield, so these larger institutions enable us to give help to those far away. Now, let’s consider the impact of local charity. If we give our money locally, it will go toward improving some local problem, be it social, environmental, or humanitarian. Lucky for us, Springfield is full of active, hard-working non-profit organizations that use small budgets to make big differences. Cause Momentum serves the community by making it easy to give and by connecting givers to organizations in need. If you are looking for an organization to give to, and you like to spend your money within your own community, then Cause Momentum is a perfect resource for you. Give it a look!

Cause Momentum

The Watershed Committee Cause Momentum Page

The KSMU Story




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