Last Thursday, 40 volunteers took the Watershed Center by storm. Representing Greene County, FedEx, and some friends of the Watershed Committee, these folks completed a tremendous amount of work on critical and labor intensive projects. Our rain garden got a total make-over which resulted in a dozen bags of pulled weeds and nearly a dump-truck full of mulch spread around and among our native plants, ensuring plenty of growing room for seasons to come. Our trails got some major repair work with eroded spots filled to avoid undercutting the asphalt path and steps in the wetland raised up out of the mud. Even our wooden bridge got some new traction for those rainy days! After a hot and laborious morning, we took a break to eat lunch and talk about our natural community; about the birds and butterflies and visitors and neighbors that benifit from the work completed that day. The Watershed Committee greatly appreciates the help we receive from the volunteers in the community. This Day of Caring was a major success and we look forward to service days like that for years to come. Thanks

Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator

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