At our recent Monthly Meeting, Joe Pitts, Director of James River Basin Partnership (JRBP) and Terry Whaley, Director of Ozark Greenways, talked about the importance and success of their partnership project to place easements along the James River.  The easements are meant to perpetually protect strips of land (riparian area) along the river to ensure the pollution reducing benefits of nature remain.  These benefits include reducing erosion, and nutrient bacteria runoff into the river.  Each easement is a unique partnership, and can be written to allow for potential, low impact uses like trails and recreation.  Greenways trails, for example, are often installed in riparian areas with easements.

I was reminded of a recent trip to the Driftless region of Wisconsin, where fisherman are invited through “styles” or openings in farmers fences to access the streams and fish.  We are fortunate to have organizations like Ozark Greenways, JRBP and Ozark Regional Land Trust who can help craft and hold these special agreements for the good of our waters and communities.

Mike Kromrey
Executive Director

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