Steam off of Natural SpringThis fall we have been working with Dr. Sean Terry and his class at Drury University on a new media project.  We met them early in the semester and discussed some goals.  While we have been significantly increasing our social media and blog activity over the past couple of years, we wanted some new energy injected into our system. Our main goals were as follows:

  • Videos for YouTube
  • Field Trip Footage
  • A Social Media Plan

We met with Dr. Terry’s students last Thursday and we were happy with the presentation.  Each student presented what they had done, ranging from photos, music, maps, and videos.  We also received some really great advice on how to make our social media presence more dynamic and active.

The students have finished up their projects now and we have a great chunk of new content for our pages, so keep an eye out for future newness!  Thanks for keeping up with us and we look forward to providing valuable content in the future.

In fact, why don’t you let us know what you would like to see. Videos?  Pictures?  More Tweets?  Shoot us a message or leave a comment below.  Thanks!

  • Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator
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