Water Wednesday ‘Fire and Ice’

Fire and Ice

Using fire as a management tool provides some great benefits to the landscape.  At the Watershed Center, we try to be the best stewards of the land that we can be.  We also try use our efforts, which are guided by science and land management professionals for education and demonstration purposes.  To this end, our first prescribed burns took place on January 5th.

The Missouri Department of Conservation helped prepare the burn plans to ensure safety and achieve management goals.  MDC, and our friends from Parks, the City, and the County joined us, as well as WCO staff and volunteers.  All attendees were treated to pizza and salad at the pre-burn meeting.  If you visit while the ground is snowy or wet, you may see us doing some more brush pile burning to reduce the fuel loads created by our invasive species removal efforts.  Tis the season of fire and ice!

Mike Kromrey, Director