The Watershed Center in Fall Colors

At Thanksgiving we humbly reflect on the wonderful community of people—our staff, sponsors, partners, volunteers, donors, and friends—who we get to work with in our pursuit of the common goal of clean water.  And not only that, we get to work together here in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks.  Tis a privilege to live in the Ozarks, and this story from Rob Hunt illustrates that nicely:

-Mike Kromrey

“For the great majority of my life, I have been lucky enough to live in the Ozarks. On a trip to Florida years ago, we met a man who ran a canoe rental on a crystal clear river with white sand bottoms. Bordered with waterfalls and tropical plants, I thought the place was paradise.  In this stunning place, when the man asked where we were from, I was almost embarrassed when I said that I was from Mid Missouri. “The Ozarks!” The man exclaimed. With great admiration, he spoke of the beauty of what he deemed nature’s playground in the Ozarks region and he smiled as he spoke of his planned retirement retreat to the hills and valleys of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. It took an outsider perspective, but I have been so thankful to live in this region ever since that conversation.

What a place we live in! In Autumn, fiery bright leaves fall to leave us with bare trees, long shadows, and calming earth tones as we enter into a season of rest and restoration. There is much to be thankful for. We have clear water, tall trees, mysterious caves that beckon daring explorers, and winding trails that convince us to stay out a little bit longer. As you take time to reflect on things that make your life better, don’t forget the incredible setting in which you celebrate. Walk off some turkey, sit in the afternoon sunshine, or bundle up for a morning cup of coffee on the deck. Thanks for partnering with us and making our jobs so rewarding.

-Rob Hunt

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