As I browsed the paper this morning, a common theme quickly rose up; health. The front page showed kids eating salad, solar panels being installed, and college students completing walkability assessments. All of these stories focused on the people in our area, right in our own neighborhood, getting healthy and living in a city that can help us protect our health. I recently read another blog post that focused on motivational posters from the 1920’s and 1930’s. I was struck by the emphasis on taking care of yourself and staying healthy. I remember my grandmother and others her age placing a great deal of value on health. “At least she’s healthy,” or , “You’ve still got your health,” were common phrases I heard growing up. However, my generation seems unconcerned with health and well-being, in many ways. Perhaps our culture of pills and doctors and relatively easy access to health care, as well as world that is accommodating to unhealthy people, has made us forget the true value of a healthy lifestyle. Last night, out executive director Mike Kromrey had the chance to speak to city and county leaders about a plan for Springfield’s future that incorporates many aspects of the health of its citizens. It seems that health is becoming a top-of-mind issue once more. In an age plagued by largely preventable diseases, it is inspiring to see the ways that people are getting healthy once more. Clean air, clean water, healthy soil, healthy people; these are the promising prospects of our future. Maybe we are not far off from an office where you grow your lunch and a commute that counts as your day’s exercise. How do you stay fit and healthy? Give us your tips and advice in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator

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