Nearly all people want clean water. I would like to introduce you to an idea from “out west” that is practical, hopeful, and effective, which is based on the common ground, that is, we all want clean water. This is an excerpt from the Quivira Coalition’s website about what’s called the Radical Center:

“We therefore reject the acrimony of past decades that has dominated debate over livestock grazing on public lands, for it has yielded little but hard feelings among people who are united by their common love of land and who should be natural allies. We pledge our efforts to form the `Radical Center’ where:
-The ranching community accepts and aspires to a progressively higher standard of environmental performance;
-The environmental community resolves to work constructively with the people who occupy and use the lands it would protect;
-The personnel of federal and state land management agencies focus not on the defense of procedure but on the production of tangible results;
-The research community strives to make their work more relevant to broader constituencies;
-The land grant colleges return to their original charters, conducting and disseminating information in ways that benefit local landscapes and the communities that depend on them;
-The consumer buys food that strengthens the bond between their own health and the health of the land;
-The public recognizes and rewards those who maintain and improve the health of all land; and
-All participants learn better how to share both authority and responsibility.

As the ranks of the Radical Center swell with those who are committed to these goals, the promise increases that ‘America the Beautiful’ may become an image of the future as well as of the past and, with the grace of good fortune, the West may finally create what Wallace Stegner called “a society to match its scenery.”

I think it’s radical. What do you think?

Happy Water Wednesday, posted by Mike.

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