Water Wednesday ‘Nature Walk’

During the Land Ethic Leaders workshop I attended at the Watershed Center, the group was asked to find a quiet place and focus on something in nature for 5 to 10 minutes to start the day.  I really enjoyed watching the other attendees find quite spots as I found my own, watching the natural environment reveal what may not be seen when one is walking and talking. Today, I walked the trail quietly, taking in the crisp air, thankful for the recent rains that filled up the stream and the lake. I stopped along the trail to take a picture and was listening to multiple birds chatting when I noticed a muskrat, sitting by the edge of the lake. Then as I was taking a picture, another muskrat showed up! I smiled as I thought of the workshop morning. If I hadn’t stopped to take a picture, I would’ve walked right past the muskrats. I   have posted the video (on facebook) and pictures from my walk. Take a minute, a deep breath and enjoy.