Water Wednesday ‘Our Missouri Waters and Sac River Healthy Watershed Plan’

The Watershed Committee of the Ozarks had the opportunity this year to work with local landowners and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources on the Our Missouri Waters Southwest Region effort for the Sac River Watershed. The goal of this project was to gather local input and identify water resource priorities. Through local community meetings 142 landowners attended and 66 watershed surveys were submitted during those meetings.

We appreciate those that participated and provided input in the surveys. We are also very grateful for the 24 landowners that volunteered their time and energy to serve on the Sac River Watershed Advisory Committee. The committee went through a facilitated and educational process that allowed each person to share their opinions, discuss concerns and share ideas for the watershed. From that process, the committee created a list of watershed priorities and possible solutions to those problems.

The survey results, summary of the process and committee recommendations are outlined in the Sac River Healthy Watershed Plan found at https://watershedcommittee.org/portfoli…/our-missouri-waters/ . The plan will be a working document to help maximize resources and focus watershed priorities over the next five years. Thank you to everyone that served on the committee and helped with this project!

Stacey Armstrong Smith, Projects Manager

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