IMG_3459This morning, we met with our friend Lynn from the Valley Water Mill Equestrian Center to go over some goals for Valley Water Mill Park and our cooperative education and outreach efforts. We met a few years ago and discussed similar topics, setting ourselves goals for the coming years. Some of those goals were:

  • Remove stinky port-a-potties and leave outdoor restrooms open
  • Parks provide assistance with cleaning the outdoor restrooms
  • Collaborate on outreach and education events
  • Fix the boardwalk

Check, check, check, and check! Looking back, I could hardly remember the port-a-potties! The partnership we have had with Springfield Greene County Park Board, especially through Lynn and the other park staff in the area, has been very successful. The outdoor restrooms stay sparkly clean during our busiest seasons, the boardwalk is all but completely finished, and we have received a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and time from our neighbors at the Equestrian center on a wide variety of projects.boardwalkrepair_n

In the world of education and outreach, Lynn and I have teamed up on tours with high school students from Springfield’s Sister City, Isesaki, Japan. Over the summer, her students in horse camp came and visited every week to walk the trails and learn about our water resources. The Homeschool Outdoor Fair has been hosted twice at our joint sites and this May we will host for a third time.

As we talked of past achievements and future ambitions, it was clear that this mutually beneficial relationship will continue. We are so fortunate to work next to such great people that have the same spirit of collaboration and helpfulness as everyone else in our city seems to have. Go visit a park today, maybe even our park up here on Valley Water Mill. Hike the trail, soak up the sun, appreciate what teamwork and collaboration can accomplish.

Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator

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