As we are living in that season between and among special holidays, I realize that it can be difficult to keep focus of those things that are important for us to work toward. I admit that for me this time of year is a particular challenge to my productivity, my head wrapped up in thoughts of snow and my mind wandering towards warm homes and fire places. Last night I got the chance to live in both worlds. At a holiday party thrown by our friend and former director Loring Bullard, we all took the opportunity to revel in holiday treats, great music, long conversations, and an excuse to break the weeknight routine. It was immediately clear that the reason people had gathered was because they had a common friend in Loring. It was hard to miss the recognition and respect in the room for his work and the work of those like him. I came to the Watershed Committee after Loring retired but his passion and dedication has left a significant imprint on our area.  I realize that although the big picture is not always clear, it comes together just the same and all the years of hard work result in a job well done, and in Loring’s case, a legacy of water protection.

As we slip into the days and weeks when the calendar turns over to another year, I am encouraged to know  the things I work toward can add up and make impacts around me. Even those days that are less inspiring, I know I can achieve things that are worthwhile. You can too. Have a happy holiday and enjoy this special time with friends and family. Keep in mind what you work for, whatever it is, and look for inspiration over this season of joy and rest. Thanks for reading.

Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator

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