IMG_4153Last night was the open house for the new Sherwood Elementary. Located right on the South Creek Greenway trail, the new facility is net-zero capable (able to produce as much energy as it uses) and has wide-open spaces for students to collaborate and learn. See more about the very cool set up here.

Today, I had the chance to visit the students at their school where we casually strolled into South creek and did a quick macroinvertebrate sample. Like most fifth graders, the students took to itIMG_4155 immediately and we caught mayfly nymphs, leeches, damselfly nymphs, and crayfish. I was especially excited about this visit because these students will also be visiting the Watershed Center next week and I rarely get the chance to work with students more than once. As we walked back to the classroom, the students visited and reflected on what we caught and in the classroom, they all pulled out their laptops and wrote about the experience. Because they work so well with technology, I can instantly mine quotes like these from the students.


I learned that a may fly has three legs to remember think of May. May has three letters so does a May fly.I loved going to the creek because I got to see so many diffrent many types of animals.


I learned how to catch crawdads and leaches. I also learned that when crawdads fight, that can lose their arms, but they grow back. In my opinion, my favorite part of being in the creek was getting the net out and catching animals. I thought it was fun because we got to explore the creek and get wet.


I learned that a vertebrate has bones in their body. A invertebrate has no bones in their body, But it does have bones outside their body’s. I thought it was interesting because, I like to know about animals. Thank for taking us to the creek Mr.Hunt and Mrs Howard!!!


Springfield Public Schools continue to be a fun and ever changing partner as we carry out our mission to educate our students on the importance of clean water. If Sherwood is a model, our schools are headed in a very cool direction.

Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator IMG_4154IMG_4156

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