Splashing into Summer with New Volunteers

This summer starts the second season of the Springfield Public Schools Splash! class. Second and third grade students from all of Springfield’s elementary schools have the opportunity to participate in this innovative program. Students spend their class time participating in a variety of activities focusing on where their drinking water comes from, what is a watershed , and how people affect their watershed. During the four week course students will make weekly visits to the Watershed Center at Valley Water Mill Park. During their field trips students will observe and identify aquatic life, investigate ways people impact their watershed, and learn about best management practices to prevent water pollution. On the fourth visit to the Watershed Center students will have the opportunity to fish in Valley Water Mill Lake.

With the start of a busy summer season, we are thrilled to have a number of new individuals join the Watershed team. Volunteers and interns can be spotted throughout the park assisting with educational field trips, maintaining trails, and making habitat improvements. Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to some these fantastic individuals. These volunteers are an integral part of our ability to carry out our mission to protect and improve the region’s water sources.

Jeff Birchler, Watershed Center Coordinator