Water Wednesday ‘Springs, Sinkholes and Disappearing Streams’

The Ozarks is known for its unique karst geology consisting primarily of limestone and dolomite. These carbonate rock formations have fractures which allows slightly acidic groundwater to slowly trickle through it to create highly connected bedrock passages forming beautiful natural features such as springs, caves, sinkholes and losing streams.

The Watershed Center at Valley Water Mill Park is the perfect place to find these local karst features.  During a trail walk you can see groundwater emerge from Sanders Spring, catch a glimpse of a karst window and view a partially collapsed sinkhole. Also have you ever wondered how the South Dry Sac got its name? To discover the answer, during drier months follow the South Dry Sac trail past the dam to see this losing stream disappear underground into a swallow hole.  These karst features can sometimes be easily missed so during your next visit to the Watershed Center at Valley Water Mill Park take time to explore and look for these beautiful natural features.

Stacey Armstrong Smith, Projects Manager