Late last week, as I hiked the trail at the Watershed Center, looking for the ever more elusive scrap of litter, I stumbled upon a hopeful sign. Something stirred in the woods ahead of me. For a moment, its shape was difficult to determine through the brush, but its pattern of movement gave it away. A turkey walked into a clearing thirty yards out. Followed by more than a dozen companions, their long tails nearly reached the ground as they happily bobbed through the brambles and weeds. Seeing these birds did good for my spirit; a harbinger of longer, sunnier days to come.

I am a wimp when it comes to the winter time. I love a good cold day, with frozen ground, and a few inches of snow. However, seeing that those things are rare here (replaced by wardrobe bending temperatures, slick sloppy mud, and mushy drizzle and ice) I don’t last long after the holiday spirit has faded. I also love sunlight, a precious commodity in the dreary days of January and February. So, when I see the signs of a fast approaching Spring, I get excited. Watching snow melt from the trees this morning made me well up inside with visions of adventures. Hiking, floating, biking, rediscovering the Greenway trails, and spending long evenings outside pulling weeds and enjoying the coolness of sunset.

As always, it is easy to find a connection to our water resources. As Spring rains fall (hopefully), and water levels rise, we will see a change in our rivers, streams, and reservoirs. Spring is also a great time to open up the rain barrels for the year and start catching your plant watering and car washing reserves early. So, as we enter this bright and happy season, remember that each drop that falls is a precious resource, giving life to anything that will catch it.

Now, enjoy this video of turkeys in our rain garden last spring.

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