Water Wednesday

Water Wednesday ‘University Research at the Watershed Center’

The Watershed Center at Valley Water Mill Park is a hands-on outdoor learning facility and part of that learning process includes graduate student research. We are fortunate to have community partnerships with our local universities.Through those partnerships, students can utilize Valley Water Mill Park to collect water quality data and study local water resources.

Yesterday I was able to join Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute (OEWRI) from Missouri State University as they installed stream stage gauges, surveyed stream cross sectional area and collected flow data. Joining in on the data collection brought back memories; in college I was a research assistant with OEWRI. That experience taught me a wealth of information about Ozarks water quality, revealed the importance of quality data collection and peaked my interest in finding a career in natural resources.

We are excited over the next two years to learn more about the water quality at Valley Water Mill Park as graduate students conduct their research. So if you happen to be walking the trails and see plywood or plastic tubing attached to a tree do not be alarmed. They are intentionally placed as part of a research project and we are excited about these partnership opportunities.

Stacey Armstrong Smith, Projects Manager