The Watershed Committee is a community resource for water education and outreach and we have teamed up with City Utilities to provide home water conservation kits to our community.  In honor of Drinking Water Week, we would like to remind you that conserving water at home can be fun and easy and save you money all at the same time!  You can stop by our office at 320 N. Main Avenue Springfield, MO  65806 to pick up sink aerators, shower timers, low-flow shower heads, water displacement bags for the toilet tank, and information on how to make or purchase a rain barrel!

You can also check out City Utilities website HERE for water saving tips including the EVEN/ODD watering guidelines.  It is amazing how much water can be saved if we all only water our lawn/flowers a couple of days a week depending upon our address. Incorporate that with a rain barrel, and wow, water savings extravaganza!  And a lower water bill to boot.

So join us to make a commitment this Drinking Water Week to conserve water at home and stop by our office for home water saving devices!

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