Watershed Committee Awarded MoBCI Grant!

Meet Caleb!  We are thankful to have Caleb Sanders on board, thanks to a Missouri Bird Habitat Conservation Initiative (MoBCI) grant.  Caleb brings a wealth of experience in environmentally related work from across the country, and we will enjoy having him here for approximately one year.  This development begs the question: “What do birds have to do with keeping our water clean?”  A simple answer might be that the stewardships activities which improve habitat for birds also help improve water quality.  It’s all about healthy, resilient native habitats.  Caleb’s work will follow the guidance of our Forest Stewardship Management Plan for the Watershed Center, provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation.  The added benefits of the project include showcasing land management practices which we hope will ripple outward from the Watershed Center, and increasing our bird habitat potential for the growing number of people who visit the Watershed Center to pursue interests in birding.  This is especially timely as we are now a location on “The Great Missouri Birding Trail.”  The ability to leverage additional volunteer assistance under Caleb’s guidance also increases efficiency.

The work is not easy or necessarily glamourous, but it is satisfying to make a positive impact on this little piece of the Little Sac watershed and our community.  For a little Water Wednesday reflection on this idea, I will leave you with this Aldo Leopold quote: “When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Mike Kromrey, Executive Director