What a year! On behalf of the board and staff, thank you for helping us make 2014 a resounding success. We completed many remarkable projects, expanded our education and outreach efforts, and celebrated our 30th anniversary in style!
Our 30th Anniversary was a great occasion to reflect on our history—it also served as a reminder to plan for the future. What will the next 30 years bring? In the near future our water resources will continue to be shared among more and more people, and water resources will likely be governed by more and stricter regulations. Additional stressors to our watersheds and waterways like impacts from climate change, exotic invasive species, and economic turbulence seem likely when scanning the 30- year horizon. Are we ready?
With a “dream team” staff, a stellar board, and strong sponsors and partnerships, I think we are as ready as we can be. We will continue pursuing our mission, and ultimately the sustainability and resiliency of both the community and our organization. We must not forget that we need to continually invest in our water resources to keep the trend of improvement continuing, and safeguard these resources for future generations. You help make water protection possible. Thank you!

2014 Watershed Committee of the Ozarks Annual Report FINAL-1Mike Kromrey

Executive Director

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