Coneflower and Spiderwort in our rain garden

Have you ever had a day where time suddenly stands still and you find yourself floating on the realization that you job is pretty great? I had that day today. As I struggled to get things together this morning for a field trip, I skulked and watched the rain come down harder and harder. I set up my indoor field trip activities and pouted for a few minutes. Then, the volunteers started showing up, bringing their bags of tricks and teaching tools. Then the rain broke and we caught some macroinvertebrates for the students to look at in the pavilion. Then the bus showed up and we all geared up. Once we got rolling, the field trip was flawless. Students got to experience life as a drop of water, handle the critters who live in the water, and watch pollution move through our watersheds and groundwater. The best part was that the rain had not dampened their excitement in the least!

I was able to have a few moments to step back and appreciate the glory of a 3rd grade field trip at the Watershed Center in the gentle rain. It was astounding. I am so grateful that we got to experience that rain together. I have endless appreciation for the volunteers that work out here with the students, for patient parents and teachers, and for curious kids. I hope you can experience a field trip for yourself one day, either as a volunteer, teacher, parent, or quiet observer. Step back, take it all in, wonder if it gets any better.

Check out some photos of this and other field trips on our Facebook Page right HERE.

Rob Hunt, Watershed Center Coordinator

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