The Cinema comes to Founders Park…….so does the Watershed Center

On summer evenings Founders Park hosts a series of movies that play on the outdoor movie screen in the park. Families come and stake out spots in the amphitheater with blankets and snacks well before the movie. Between snacks and trips to the fountain, patrons have the opportunity to do activities with the Watershed Center.

Most folks stop by the table-who can pass up critters that came from Jordan Creek, like crayfish, snails, and minnows? Brave young children may hold a snail or crayfish, adults often have questions like, "You mean there is life in Jorda Creek?"

Everyone then gets to see a 3 minute clip about the Watershed Center project as a preview to the movie.
The next Water Night will be Friday, August 8th. The movie playing that evening is Water Horse: Legends of the Deep. For a full list of movies at Founders Park, click HERE 

Mike Kromrey