Watershed Summer Gala Wrap Up

Thanks to your investment and the success of the event, the Watershed Center Fellowship program can continue for the next 2 years!  The fellowship is an elegant solution to keep up with growing demand for our education programs because it will provide both teaching assistance for Watershed Center programs and a valuable educational opportunity for the Fellow through MSU.  Teaching and learning!

The event was a real celebration of community.  Local businesses supported the mission by sponsoring the event, local artists and makers donated silent auction items, we dined on locally produced food, and the room was filled with a positive energy of old friends connecting and new connections being made.  Water united us and the evening flowed.

We had a lot of fun too!  One of the biggest hits of the evening was our Wine Grab and and Whiskey Pull. Staff and board donated 36 bottles of whiskey and Missouri Spirits donated 4 very special bottles. At $30 a pull, all whiskey bottles were gone in an hour! The Brown Derby Wine Grab was at its peak with 80 bottles, most over the $20 ticket and many over $100, even $200. All bottles were gone by the end of the evening. The impressive wine list was donated generously by local wine connoisseurs and our friends at Brown Derby. Our Silent Auction was a success thanks to Bass Pro Shops, our friends and colleagues who donated their time and talents, and local businesses who created pieces or offered services specifically for our event. We added a new game this year, the Watershed Bag Toss and raffle; feedback was positive and with over 135 plays, we are thinking of bringing it back again next year. Our volunteers and interns did a fantastic job throughout the evening and we appreciate their help.  In total, we raised about $25,000 after expenses!

Thank you for making it a success and we look forward to seeing you all at the Gala next year!

Mike Kromrey
Executive Director