Business Projects

Bass Pro Shops

In 2018, Bass Pro Shops (BPS) provided the first year-round work for the WCC to work on native prairie reconstruction at the BPS National Headquarters in Springfield, MO. Invasive plant removal and native plant installations are a part of our ongoing project, with the intention of having an entirely native landscape at their headquarters.  The landscape had become dominated by invasive species such as johnsongrass, crown vetch, bush honeysuckle, and many more species.  The native trees, shrubs, and grasses will act as a pollution sponge, cleaning our groundwater, as the robust native root systems take in polluted water.

WCC was able to hire a part-time employee to help manage and maintain the property. Here is an exert of one of his blogs about the project:

We no-till drilled spring oats into a 1.3 acre plot near the south pond on Bass Pro Shops Base Camp property. The oats germinated only four days after drilling and have thrived so far due to the intermittent rainfall that has occurred over the region. The mild end of September and warm beginning of October was beneficial as well. The cover crop has grown steadily and completely covers the soil surface in some areas of the plot.

In the pictures to the right, it is easy to see the difference.  The best part about the oats is that they will “winterkill” themselves (plant will terminate when the ambient temperature falls below 32 degrees for extended temporal periods) while its residue sticks around. The residue provides numerous benefits, including increased soil biota activity, invasive species control, and improving overall soil health. This is just the beginning of the project, but I think it is wonderful to the fruits of our labor paying off.

Adam Barton, Conservation Specialist, WCC

We appreciate Bass Pro Shops support of the Watershed Conservation Corp and dedication to conservation.